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um et quasi iliac libellam et modum [In facie laudes]; [Famamque iuste]; et [Petty] sueur et suos [Crimine] et [victoribus]. [And in the mean while], at last [the king] himself receives [the letters] in [his hands]... and he reads [them]... and he says [to himself]: "I have had no success [yet]; this is nothing but a kind of a plot... and the man who writes [the letters] has pretended that he is an ambassador from England"; and he calls out with a cry of amazement and then says to the council [of state] 'That's not true!' and then he says to them: 'I am to blame in letting those letters [into my hands] and they were carefully read, and... he [the writer] has practiced fraud and deceit against us... and the man who writes [the letters] [has] attempted a crime [and]... the man who wrote [the letters] [has] lied to me and he has been caught out... and [the writer] has [made] himself guilty of contempt against the king'; and he calls out again in amazement. It is difficult not to imagine the king hearing the description of the "writer" as "not successful", "a plot", "fraud" and "contempt". The man who had boldly gone to the pope, written to Richard on Richard's own behalf and carried Richard's banners, was now being treated with derision, not just by Henry's henchmen but even by the king himself. For comparison, see the contemporary letter written in Latin and written in the name of the king of Navarre, to the pope, concerning the sentence passed on King Henry: "I have received [your] letter wherein you write that it is necessary for your holiness to give me a dispensation to hold the election [of the next pope]; this is against my will; I have no desire to be pope; I was merely elected; as for my part, I will not abandon my people; I will not abandon the rights of my prince; and it would not be fitting for a man who has a crown on his head to abandon his kingdom, and it would be an act of shame for a man who has a crown on his head to abandon his state. I call your




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